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Valerie Kirkendall, Attorney at Law, is a hometown Oregon attorney who specializes in resolving family and life legal issues.

Wills, trusts, estates, guardianship, conservatorship, probate, tax law, adoptions... nobody expects you to be an expert in these legal needs. Valerie Kirkendall offers candid, accurate advice, provides legal services when they're needed and understands the value of your time and money. It's about quality legal advice and earning your respect.

  • Who will decide where your money and assets go if you die? Who will make decisions about your health care if your health fails? It will most likely be the state of Oregon, if you haven't prepared a will or an advance healthcare directive.

    What about estate planning - isn't it only for the rich? Adding up the value of your assets may be an eye-opening experience! In today's housing market, by the time you add the value of your home, investments, life insurance and retirement accounts, you may discover you have a need for estate planning.

  • Considering a revocable living trust? Revocable living trusts are heavily promoted as a probate-avoidance technique. However, they can be costly and inconvenient to set up. They will not lower your taxes. While there are situations where a revocable living trust is a good option, they are not the solution for everybody.

Check out our FAQ page for a discussion of these and other legal problems.

Valerie Kirkendall has the life experience to address the special needs of elderly clients, families with young children, and singles. She will give you the caring, professional advice you need to prepare for major events in your life.

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